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What is web3 crowdsourcing?

web3 crowdsourcing is a service that matches people who are considering web3 businesses such as metaverse production, NFT art production, DAO management, AI technology, blockchain, and smart contracts with people with skills in the web3 domain.

Examples of registered projects

Metaverse Production
Production of metaverse space and worlds

Avatar Production
Creating avatars for use in the metaverse

Item Production
Creation of items (apparel, in-game items, etc.) for use in the Metaverse

NFT Art Production
Generative NFT, Character design

Mint Site Production
NFT mint website creation, NFT project website creation

XR Production
VR/AR/MR contracted development

3D Modeling
3D production of characters and architectural structures

Consulting and advice associated with web3

Discord Building
Community building for DAO operations

SNS Operation
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc. operation agency

Global Marketing
Marketing to countries around the world

AI engineer, Data analyst, AI sales and application consultant

Blockchain engineer, Infrastructure development, Smart contracts, Consulting

Game Development
GameFi, NFT game development and produce

Investigations and Countermeasures for Server Operations,Security,Cyber Attacks

OpenAI Utilization
OpenAI utilization consulting for ChatGPT, Bing, etc.

Financial Advisor
IFAs (asset advisors) and financial planners specializing in virtual currency

Consulting and advice on legal, tax, and DAO labor matters, specializing in web3 (crypto)

Brand design, management, direction and promotion of web3 specialty

part-time (employee)
Event management support, community management, moderator

0% system fee

While regular crowdsourcing services charge a commission of around 20%, our service has a 0% creator system commission, so creators can earn 100% of the order value.

Matching specialized for web3

Only web3 projects are listed, allowing for highly accurate matching between clients and registered creators.

Quality of creators

The service's 0% commission increases creator revenues and allows us to attract and retain high quality talent.Furthermore, the quality of our registered users is guaranteed by our own screening system.

Adoption of token system

The service issues proprietary tokens and grants tokens to users based on their contribution to the service. (Contribution level: user invitation, matching, high rating, etc...) Not implemented as of April 2023 (will be implemented in the future)




Start by registering for free and registering your skills.Add your portfolio, skill set, and work history for approval.

Proposals for projects
Skills and Achievements Submission

Creators are encouraged to submit suggestions for the work posted. Or, you can post your skills and past achievements. The client will contact you directly for consultation.


Once the matching is completed, the work will begin.



Register for free.

Post a case

Please post information about the web3 personnel you are looking for, deliverables, and job descriptions.


Once you submit a project, you will receive proposals from creators. If you find a proposal you like, you will place an order with the creator and the work will begin.

  • PHASE 1

    April 2023

    Beta version released
    Crowdsourcing specialized in web3 beta version released; pre-registration now open

  • PHASE 2

    Autumn 2023

    Official Version Release
    Release of the official version of crowdsourcing specialized in web3

  • PHASE 3

    December 2023~February 2024

    Token issue & DAO building
    Issue utility tokens.It is awarded based on contribution to the service (user invitations, matching, high ratings)

  • PHASE 4

    February 2024

    Affiliate function
    Issuing web3 crowdsourcing referral links to all registered users and granting tokens for each new user acquired.

  • PHASE 5

    March~April, 2024

    web3 Academy begins
    Academy courses (online) for specialized web3 skills and knowledge.

  • PHASE 6

    April~June, 2024

    Job function
    Creator biographies are inscribed in the blockchain,reducing hiring time and enabling highly accurate matching with AI.

  • PHASE 7

    July~August, 2024

    Virtual currency payment support
    Bitcoin / Ethereum / Polygon / Solana / XRP / USDC / Cardano etc..

  • PHASE 8

    October 2024

    Global Expansion
    Expansion into Asia, Africa, and North America

  • PHASE 9


    IEO Implementation
    *IEO is a system of intermediating virtual currency exchanges to raise funds through listing on exchanges and proprietary tokens.

  • PHASE 10


    Improve and expand service quality
    Part of the funds raised through the IEO will be used to expand the service and improve quality and user satisfaction.


Creators earn 100% of the amount offered, as there is a 0% commission. For the client side, 10% of the order amount is charged as commission, but currently 0% commission is charged for the beta version. The period of 0% commission for the client has not yet been determined, but we will make an announcement and confirmation in advance when we start charging for the service.

We expect the date to be around August 2023. Please note that this may change slightly depending on the development status.

Although the beta version is still available, some functions are limited because the development of the crowdsourcing system has not been completed. Until the system development is completed, we may be able to consult with you, so please feel free to contact us.
After completing the registration process, please fill out the details of the order you wish to place, and we will introduce you to a web3creator who matches your needs.
We will introduce you to the web3 creators who match your skills and portfolio in advance.

The service's unique token is an incentive mechanism for users to build, curate, and improve the network to make it a higher quality community.

For example: visualization of contributions such as promoting the use of the service (user invitations), improving the quality of the service (matching & high ratings), and the right to vote on proposals and new initiatives for the service.
In the future, community members will also be able to earn tokens by taking web3 Academy courses (online) where they can learn web3 technologies and knowledge.

*Tokens for this service do not represent equity, debt, a claim on profits, or dividends, and do not constitute any financial instrument of any company or organization, but the project is intended to be an IEO in the future.
*Not implemented as of April 2023 (to be implemented in the future)

Registration Form

If you pre-register, we will give you priority in introducing projects and matching you with creators as soon as the official version is launched.
When I create an account for the official version, I will need to provide my e-mail address and phone number for identification,
However, you will not receive any sales e-mails, mail magazines, or sales calls from us, so please feel free to pre-register.

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Skills Metaverse Production Avatar Production
Item Production  NFT Art Production
Mint Site Production  AR Production
VR Production  3D Modeling
web3 Consulting
SNS Operation Discord Building
DAO Management  Global Marketing
AI-related  Advise or build on blockchain
Token issue  Game Development
web3 security  OpenAI Utilization
Financial Advisor Legal・Tax・Labor
Branding Solidity Rust
Python Vyper JavaScript
Go C++ Other Skills
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What you want to order Metaverse Production Avatar Production
Item Production  NFT Art Production
Mint Site Production  AR Production
VR Production  3D Modeling
web3 Consulting
SNS Operation Discord Building
DAO Management  Global Marketing
AI-related  Advise or build on blockchain
Token issue  Game Development
web3 security  OpenAI Utilization
Financial Advisor Legal・Tax・Labor
Branding Development in Solidity Development in Rust
Development in Python Development in Vyper Development in JavaScript
Development in Go Development in C++ Others
What to expect from our service Ensure quality of human resources
Speed from consultation to ordering
I want to consult casually on a case
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Ability to work safely in the community
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